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Real-time applications, real-time visualizations or 3D visualizations focus on the representation of your products, processes, products, services, inventions or other content of your company. Usually, real-time visualizations contain a smaller amount of interactivity compared to a game production or gamification solution. The focus of a real-time visualization or 3D visualization is on a high-quality representation.


Our customers are excited about the possibilities of real-time visualization. Thanks to photorealistic textures and state-of-the-art technologies, we can create an extremely realistic representation for you in real time. There are no limits to the variety of applications. Architecture, mobility, medicine, science, art or sports are among the best-known fields of application.

Case Study: "Use Cases in Real-Time"

Customer: Solavinea
Project: VR Solar Showcase

Initial situation

A screenshot of a 3D real-time visualization using the Unreal Engine by Studio Merkas. The image shows a house, which is built on a cliff overlooking the coast. Furthermore you can see an embedded pool. The view angle is from the ground At the beginning of the contact, the inventors of Solavinea had produced a prototype. The prototype was intended to demonstrate the core benefits of the invention. At the beginning, the prototype served as a proof-of-concept and was largely completed. The next step was to present the invention to potential investors, cooperation partners and possible customers. The problem was that the invention was too large. The prototype was difficult to transport.

To solve this challenge, a real-time simulation, or 3D visualization should be made. The visualization was then to be installed on tablets. The invention should be able to be presented at trade fairs, events or networking events, for example.


The following aspects were of high importance for the customer:

  • High quality execution of the visualization

  • Solar panel interactivity to demonstrate the core benefits of the invention

  • Dynamic day and night cycles and weather simulation

  • Hi-End graphics

  • Mediterranean environment

  • Mobile application for use at trade fairs

YOUR Benefits

Our clients are often unaware of the possibilities of hi-end visualization and are absolutely thrilled when we deliver a real-time project. We work daily with the latest 3D tools and use the maximum to realize your goals. With the many possibilities of today's technology, your product can be staged and emotionalized much better. The success often shows in higher sales figures, higher customer acquisition or successful deals.


We usually receive 3D models from our customers. These include CAD data, BIM models or models with a high number of polygons. We process these in such a way that they are displayed in a high-quality manner in the real-time environment. If we do not receive 3D data from the customer, then we can take over this partial service. For this we use tools and workflows from real-time development. The workflows are "State of the art". The tools have become established in the media industry. Nevertheless, we question established workflows. Under certain circumstances, we adapt them. We don't apply a "Schema F", but examine the customer's needs in detail. Then we respond to them individually.

Our Tools

Different game engines or frameworks are used in the development of real-time applications. Usually the following game engines are used in the studio:

The Unity logo is shown
The Unreal logo is shown
The Cocos2D logo is shown
Löve logo is shown
Autodesk Maya logo for 3D modeling and animation
Adobe Photoshop logo for 2D post-processing and graphics creation
Allegorithmic Substance Designer Logo for Texture Creation
Atlassian Jira logo for project planning and coordination


Do you have questions about our portfolio or a service? Please feel free to contact us at any time! Freely according to the slogan: It costs nothing to ask!


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