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About VStreaming

Streaming has been a major topic on various platforms like YouTube or Twitch for quite some time. Millions of people are entertained by thousands of gamers, musicians, e-sport events and other entertainers in a variety of ways. VStreaming is one of these areas. This is ordinary streaming, except that the streamer presents himself via an avatar and thus remains unrecognised if he so wishes.

VStreaming Case-Study: Codemiko

CodeMiko is one of the most famous VStreamers. She uses a motion capture suit and facial recognition software. The suit is responsible for her gestures and the mobile phone AR features for her facial expressions. Her viewers can donate to change her character or perform certain actions. She also can change appearance at the touch of a button and move completely free in a virtual space.

VStreaming Solution

VStreaming can be implemented in different ways, as every conceivable figure can be modelled and implemented in a 3D programfil. Once the figure has been created, the entertainer's facial expressions can be recognised via facial recognition software and transferred to the avatar displayed. Depending on the equipment of the streamer, a suitable solution can be created. From simple webcam solutions to elaborate setups, such as motion capture suits, many things are possible.

Case-Study: Torro

Torro is a German streamer with more than 70,000 followers. Torro is also our partner and uses the VStreaming solution from Studio Merkas. The avatar was planned, designed and implemented according to Torro's wishes. The avatar is called "Eiserner Rächer" and is used by Torro in his streams.

Our Offer

Our offer is to make VStreaming possible. We create a personalised 3D avatar and provide all the software and tools so that the streamer can get started straight away. The avatar can also be animated as desired. For example, when a certain key combination is pressed, the avatar can perform a certain action. Our offer also includes setting up the appropriate software and tools as well as a preliminary consultation. For this, there is an initial consultation in which one of our employees clarifies all the requirements of the streamer. Many solutions are possible and each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Your benefits

  • Pioneer status of a constantly growing area

  • Generate a large amount of followers!

  • Low effort

  • Streamer can remain anonymous if desired

  • Role can be played according to your own wishes

  • Avatar can be designed according to your own ideas



  • Consultation

  • Making your own avatar

  • Setting up the streaming setup

  • Provision of all tools and software for streaming.


  • Everything from Basic

  • Your own Animations

  • Your own backgrounds


  • Everything from Ambitious

  • Highest possible graphic quality

  • Highest possible precision of facial expression


Do you have questions about our portfolio or a service? Please feel free to contact us at any time! Freely according to the slogan: It costs nothing to ask!


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